Ella Airport Transfer

Ella Airport Transfer

Ella Airport Transfer

Ella Location description

Ella is a gorgeous mountain city in central Sri Lanka, famous for its mountain hikes and cozy tea shops. The journey to Ella will take you past mile after mile of pristine rainforest and majestic hill country views. The roads wind past a few tea estates where you will often see tea pluckers busy at work. Ella town is the perfect mountain town for people searching for a bit of mountain happiness.

The main town of Ella has many restaurants that cater to different palettes. Enjoy traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, feast on delicious stove oven pizza in one of the many pizza outlets or hill country tea. It can get quite cold during the latter parts of the year so remember to pack something warm!

Connecting Transport Services

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Key Highlights

Little Adams Peak

Often considered as one of Ella’s easier hikes, Little Adams Peak is a wonderful mountain just off the famous 98 Acres Villa. Follow the path for about half an hour to reach the peak. The best time to climb is about an hour before sunrise so that you can reach the top and get settled in to watch a majestic sunrise.

Ella Rock

This is Ella’s most famous trekking route and is one of Sri Lanka’s most frequented mountains. The climb will take you around 4-6 hours and will take you past a few magnificent views of nearby mountain ranges and valleys. There’s often an old aunty serving hot tea and coffee on top of Ella rock. Watching the sunrise while sipping on a steaming cup of tea is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Ella Gap

During your climb up Ella rock, you will come across a point where the entire valley opens up to you. The view is spectacular and on a clear day, you will be able to see little towns in the distance. The valley itself is beautiful and perfectly captures the amazing mountain views that Sri Lanka has to offer.

9 Arch Bridge

About 20min away from the main part of Ella town is the famous nine arch bridge which was built during the British rule in Ceylon. The bridge is in excellent condition and makes for a marvelous sight, especially when a train goes over it. The best times to visit are just before sunrise. There’s a small shop at one end of the bridge, where you can buy fruit juices and snacks.