Sigiriya Airport Transfer

Sigiriya Airport Transfer

Sigiriya Airport Transfer

Sigiriya Location description

Central Sri Lanka is home to a historically prominent town called Sigiriya, famous for its cultural significance in Sri Lanka’s history and for the world-famous Sigiriya rock, also known as the Lions Rock. The town is a perfect place to get to know the intricate details of Sri Lanka, from food to tradition. It is also a good base to explore Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle. Some of the other main towns like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee, and Pasikudah are easily accessible from Sigiriya by cab, tuk-tuk or bus. The town has a wide range of accommodation, from relaxing chalets to luxurious seven star hotels, and exotic boutique hotels. Sigiriya is known to be home to a large herd of Elephants and some hotels are frequently visited by a few of these curious mammals. *Getting to Sigiriya may seems a challenge. But with Sigiriya Airport Transfer with Go Shuttle this is easy. We provide daily shuttle services and private transfers to Sigiriya from airport.

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Key Highlights

Sigiriya Rock

A long time ago, a rift between Kings led to a marvelous fortress being built on top of a giant rock that stands at 370 meters above sea level. Sigiriya rock is classified as a world heritage site and has ancient irrigation systems built into it. It is world-renowned for its architectural ruins that include baths, palace foundations, and fresco paintings. It is said that you can climb up and down from anywhere. The climb to the ruins on top will take you up a steep staircase that is fitted  fitted onto steep rock faces and a pair of colossal lion paws, carved into the rock.


Dambulla is a sacred pilgrimage site for Sri Lankan Buddhists and is part of the cultural triangle, Dambulla is home to a cave temple with around 153 Buddha statues and beautiful drawings throughout the interior of the cave. This cave complex is the largest cave temple in Sri Lanka. Dambulla is also famous for its hotels and is the perfect option for people who want to experience the essence of an ancient land that is steeped in Buddhism and Sri Lankan history.

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park is a vast grassland that is most famous for the annual gathering of Elephants which happens to be the largest gathering of Asian Elephants in the world. The park has many endemic plants and is dotted with areas of dense plant-life. Other notable inhabitants of the park include a variety of endemic and threatened bird species. The park also has an ancient tank built by King Mahasena during the third century AD.


Once a mighty kingdom, this central plain seeps in culture and allows visitors to grasp a snapshot of history. Polonnaruwa is known for its archeological treasures such as ancient tombs, temples, and stupas along with Brahamic monuments that were built by the Cholas who are considered to be some of the first people to inhabit the island. Visit the ruins of a royal palace that dates back to the days of King Parakramabahu. The Audience hall is another beautiful ancient structure. It has stoned carved Elephants on the wall and is truly a work of art. Other attractions are the Sacred Quadrangle and the intricate stone temple called Shiva Devale.


No cultural tour of Sri Lanka is complete without the incredible irrigation and religious architecture in Anuradhapura, the first capital of Sri Lanka. Visit the Sri Maha Bodhi, an ancient fig tree that was said to be the right-wing branch of the historical Sri Maha Bodhi in Buddha Gaya in India under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Visit the dagobas such as RuwanweliSeya, Jetavanaramaya, Isurumuniya, Thuparamaya, Kuutam Pokuna, Ranmasu Uyana, and Mirirsawatiya among others. The city is one of the most planned cities of Sri Lanka with banks, commercial trade, residential areas and religious areas arranged neatly within the city borders.  Its temples, ancient Buddha statues, and Dagobas all have a story to share.


Located on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka lies Passikudah, famous for delicious seafood, heartwarming smiles and beach parties with bonfires. Passikudah has become an escape from the bustling noises of the city with many resorts and boutique hotels popping up on its beautiful coast.

Another famous town on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka is Trincomalee, a town that is etched in Sri Lankan History. Trincomalee is most popular as a port city and as a base for the Sri Lankan Navy due to its geographical location. The town is scattered with many cultural sites, kovils and temples as well a war cemetery and famous Kinniya Hot Springs.

Off the gorgeous beaches in Nilaveli and a half an hour boat ride away, is the beautiful and exciting Pigeon Island where you can snorkel with multicolored fish, corals and other marine wanderers. You will also find yourself swimming with large sea turtles and small sharks so this is definitely one of the places you need to see!

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