Terms & Conditions

 The following terms and conditions apply to contracts arranged by Go Shuttle (Pvt) Ltd

1. GoShuttle

1.1. We are a company registered in .Sri Lanka, which owns the       https://www.airportandhoteltransfer.com/

1.2. GoShuttle is a booking service for passenger transport services. By arranging this service through us you agree to the terms and conditions (as they may be modified and posted on our website) as well as other information contained on the website, email, or any other form of electronic or written communication with you.

2. Status of the Passenger(s) and their agents

The specified passenger/s in the booking is the main party to the contract with Go Shuttle. On completion of your booking, your contract for the use and provision of the services is between you and Go Shuttle.

3. Booking and payment

3.1. Bookings may be made online on the Go Shuttle website. Where two or more people are included in the same booking, the person making the booking (the Leader or shall be deemed to have done so on behalf of both or all members of the party and he/she accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of himself/herself and each member of the party. The Leader must follow the process for making the booking and paying for the services (either at the time of booking or immediately prior to the use of the services). The Leader must be at least 18 years of age.

3.2. Full payment is required either

(i) at the time of booking; or

(ii) not less than 48 hours prior to the use of the services by you

On receipt of such payment, GoShuttle will process the booking and issue, by email the booking confirmation details of the person/s involved in the booking and the transfer services which you have booked.

3.3. In the event of cancellation, the Leader or you should inform GoShuttle 24 hours prior to travel or else you will be liable to pay the full cost of your booking.

3.4. It is the responsibility of the Leader or you to check all details of the passengers (whose names appear on the booking) prior to travel and inform Go Shuttle of any errors immediately. GoShuttle will not be held responsible or liable for any incorrect information provided by the Leader or you at the time of confirmation of the booking.

4. Child Seats

If child seats are required, this must be informed to Go Shuttle at the time of booking. This facility could be provided for child/children below 4 and child/children above 4 could occupy the normal seats wearing the seat belts.

5. Child Pricing

5.1. There will be no charge levied for children under the age of two if they travel seated on the lap of an adult passenger.

5.2. Where you have arranged private transport services, children and infants count towards the occupancy of the vehicle regardless of age, and this must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.

6. Bookings for disabled passengers

Go Shuttle will make all endeavors to cater to this requirement if sufficient notice is given via email by the Leader or you at the time of confirming the booking so that Go Shuttle could advice you of the suitability of your chosen arrangements and ensure that the correct vehicle is booked to meet your requirement.

7. Amendments

7.1 Booking amendments should be made 48 hrs prior to the use of Go Shuttle via email quoting your booking reference number, leader/passenger name and the changes you require. These amendments may incur an additional fee.

7.2 If you request a change to your booking which involves services to a different destination than the one specified in your booking, you will be required to cancel your original booking and make a fresh booking. Cancellation charges may apply.

7.3 In the event there is a price increase due to any changes made by the Leader or you after the confirmation of the booking, the Leader or you will be required to pay the difference in price between the services originally booked and the price of the new services you have requested.

8. Cancellations made by the Leader or you

8.1. Cancellations must be made by the leader or you via email. You may be entitled to a refund, depending on when you cancel your booking, as follows:

(i) Cancellation charges vary therefore please refer to the terms and conditions and the specific cancellation policy of Go Shuttle at the time of booking.

(ii) If you do not use the services for any reason and do not cancel the booking using the website, no refunds will be provided.

(iii) All refunds will be processed as quickly as possible and will be debited to the original form of payment and account which is used at the time you made the booking.

(iv) If cancellations are made prior to 24 hrs, the leader or you could claim the full refund.

9. Baggage allowance and declaration

All baggage/s must be clearly labelled with the owners name and the destination address. Each passenger/s is entitled to carry up to two items of baggage, i.e. one suitcase which should not exceed 90cm x 75cm and one piece of hand luggage 56cm x 45cm. Carriage of any baggage exceeding these measurements will be subject to available baggage hold space and may be declined.
Go Shuttle reserves the right to advise the passenger/s if the vehicle booked can/cannot accommodate the baggage specified by the leader or you. In this case, you may be required to upgrade your vehicle type.

10. Conditions of Transport

10.1. All vehicles provided by Go Shuttle are fully insured for passenger and third-party claims, as required by the local law.

10.2 Passenger/s baggage is however carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage by the Go Shuttle.

10.3 Go Shuttle will not accept responsibility for any costs incurred or making any arrangements in returning the items to the passenger/s. For any loss or forgotten items you must contact the Go Shuttle hotline.

10.4 In the event the leader or you have booked an airport transfer with Go Shuttle and are more than 10 minutes late than the time confirmed in your booking Go Shuttle will wait for you for a reasonable time frame, but cannot guarantee the availability of the services under these circumstances. You should make every effort to contact Go Shuttle using their contact details supplied to you if you expect not be at the designated meeting point at the time specified. You will not be entitled to a refund in this circumstance.

10.5 If the leader or you have any complaints with regard to the services rendered by Go Shuttle, it must be notified immediately or within 14 days to their hotline or email. We will not refund any costs without provision of original receipts and proof of payment.

10.6. Go Shuttle transfers will only be to and from destinations which are mentioned in the website unless specifically agreed in advance. Clients are required to supply full address details at the time of booking.

10.7 In some destinations your transfer/shuttle pick up and drop off may not be supplied to your hotel door and you may be dropped off or picked up at a central point within reasonable distance from your final destination.  Clients will be dropped/picked up near main bus stops/train stations as per the map on the booking page where one can find alternative transport options such as tuk-tuks etc. As per passenger request this additional service could be arranged by Go Shuttle at an additional cost.

10.8 Due to unforeseen circumstances such as roadwork’s, infrastructure work, severe weather and traffic conditions the pick-up/drop off times notified to you may be affected. Where these restrictions occur, the vehicle will stop and collect passengers from the nearest accessible point to the arrival or destination point specified in your booking.

10.9. Transfer times displayed on our website are estimated and can depend on traffic and the number of stops en-route. The journey time could be longer during peak times of travel, traffic conditions and during seasonal periods due to shoppers Go Shuttle’s experienced drivers will make every effort to get you to your destination in a the least amount of time practically achievable.

10.10 Where you have booked a return shared shuttle service, you may be collected several hours prior to the time you need to be at an airport, port or train station, depending on local traffic conditions, especially during peak season.

10.11 Where you have booked a specific vehicle type for private transfers Go Shuttle will ensure that the vehicle requested is provided. At all times Go Shuttle will meet local transportation laws, including the maximum allowable passengers for a type of vehicle.

10.12 The following points are not within the control of Go Shuttle ( Force Majeure Event )

(i) Accidents causing delays to the vehicle, exceptional or severe weather conditions, compliance with requests of the police, vandalism and terrorism, unforeseen traffic delays, industrial action by third parties, problems caused by other customers, other circumstances affecting passenger safety, road closures due to local fiestas or other events, properties that are not accessible to the type of services booked, acts of God, landslide, road damage, flood, earthquake, avalanche or any other natural disaster, epidemic or pandemic, war, threat of war or similar, fire or explosion, terrorist attack or riots.

(ii) Any delay or cancellation of the services booked by you caused by a Force Majeure Event means that Go Shuttle will not refund or pay compensation.